Calendar of Events

No matter what the season, there is always something going on in the City of St. Charles. Keeping our residents informed of scheduled events and local happenings is important. 

Know of an upcoming event that we need to add? Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to add it for you.

Upcoming Events

Clean-up Day

Begins: 6/10/2023 - 6:00AM
Ends: 6/10/2023 - 10:00AM

Large items, furniture, and appliances without freon will be collected at the curb. 

Unacceptable items include tires, car batteries, railroad ties, paint, motor oil, construction materials (drywall), and appliances with freon.

City Council Meeting

Begins: 7/10/2023 - 6:30pm
Ends: 7/10/2023 - 9:00pm

City Council Meeting

Begins: 8/7/2023 - 6:30pm
Ends: 8/7/2023 - 9:00 pm

City Council Meeting

Begins: 9/5/2023 - 6:30pm
Ends: 9/5/2023 - 9:00 pm

City Council Meeting

Begins: 10/2/2023 - 6:30pm
Ends: 10/2/2023 - 9:00 pm

City Council Meeting

Begins: 11/6/2023 - 6:30pm
Ends: 11/6/2023 - 9:00pm

City Council Meeting

Begins: 12/4/2023 - 6:30pm
Ends: 12/4/2023 - 9:00pm

Christmas in St. Charles

Begins: 12/9/2023 - 5:00 pm
Ends: 12/9/2023 - 9:00pm

Spread the holiday cheer by visiting participating businesses from 5 pm to 7 pm to collect raffle tickets for your chance to win prizes later in the evening. Participating businesses will be located throughout the City and at the Avenue of the Saints Event Center. Maps to participating merchants and vendors will be available.

City Council Meeting

Begins: 1/8/2024 - 6:30pm
Ends: 1/8/2024 - 9:00pm